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How to Winning The Poker Hands?

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Poker is actually quite easy to catch on to once you realize what a winning poker hands is and what cards you need to get that winning hand. As you study the cards that you are dealt, and you learn more about the cards that you need to win, the card game of poker will seemingly ‘go’ faster and faster as your mind automatically clicks and you flip through the cards searching for a winning hand.

Poker online is all about you being dealt five cards.

From these five cards, you can stand if you already have a winning poker hands.

After you are dealt the first five cards, you can have up to five cards discarded and then you can have five new cards dealt to you. It is however, in your best interest to hold a card or even a few cards, as a strategy to hit a big winning hand.

There are just fifty two cards in a deck. To make a winning poker hands you need just five.

In ranking of all the cards in a deck, the lowest cards the number two, and the highest are the aces in a deck. Gathering of the same number, the same suit, or a succession of five cards will aid in you getting a winning hand.

When you are playing poker online, the cards that you are dealt at not going to be listed in any particular order, they will just be flipped onto your screen so you can see what you have. Mentally you have to work on putting them in order, if there is any order to the poker hands you were dealt.

The highest possible hand you can have is the royal flush. The royal flush starts with the ace and works down five cards to the ten. The royal flush is an ace, king, queen, jack and a ten, but in addition to being in order, they also have to be all of the same suit. The same suit is all hearts, all spade, all clubs or all diamonds.

If you don’t have all of the same suit, you can still have a winning poker hands. There is a hand also known as the straight, which will be a winning hand if you have multiple suits in one hand, but you have five cards in succession.

Having all cards in diamonds, hearts, all your cards are spades or all your cards are clubs is also a winning poker hands. If you are dealt four clubs, it is in your best interest to try for that fifth club on the redeal for a winning hand, after all you have a one in four chance of getting it!

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