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The Definition of Blackjack

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Blackjack is a game of cards.

Offline in the casino, black jack is played at a table, where it is you against the dealer, or you against the dealer and the other players at the table. Blackjack is an exciting game found in any casino that you walk into.

Blackjack games are not a game for beginners. If you have not ever played blackjack before you should practice playing before betting online for money.

Black jack is also a game that has been expanding online fast. Over the last few years, black jack is a game that has been expanding from you playing against the dealer to you playing against the dealer and other players at the same time.

When you playing black jack online you are actually playing a game created by programmers and it is a program. There is no real dealer as in the casino. The odds of any type of black jack hand coming up are built into the computer so you are going to hit black jack sometime, it just is built into the program for when you are going to hit.

The dealer cannot cheat, because there is no dealer. The software, the computer running the program is regulated by fair gaming laws, which will guarantee that certain hands will be dealt every ‘so often’ as the odds state.

What is Blackjack?

The card game of blackjack is a game that you are dealt cards. One at a time. You want your hand to equal 21 or less. When you are very close to 21 you need to think about if you want another card or not. If you go over 21 you lose. It is also called a bust.

No matter how many players there are, when you are playing black jack and you bust, you lose. If every one goes over 21 there are no winners in that game.

You can bet once during the game, before you start playing. Once you start playing you can’t raise the bet any further.

Starting out, you should bet the maximum so in the case of winning you are will max out on the amount you can collect at any given time.

The dealer can also bust, and this is programmed into the software as well. How you bet, the number of cards that you take, and when you stand, changes the odds in when your blackjack hand is going to ‘come out’.

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