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What is Video Poker and How to Play it

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Various games are found online, but one the popular games online is poker. Video poker is found at the various casinos online in many forms. Games are available that you can bet and gamble, while at the same time there are additional games you can play free.

poker is a game that you play, using software provided by the casino. The software is going to be the machine, and you can press a button, or drag your mouse, pulling the handle of the video poker machine to watch the cards line up.

Five cards are dealt to you at one time. You need to choose what cards you are going to hold, or keep, and which cards you are going to discard.

Playing poker is very similar to playing a game of poker offline. You start with five, and you end up with five cards. The point of playing poker is to get the highest hand possible and win points, bets, or even win the jackpot.

Who plays video poker?

If you are doing something else, and you want to gamble online, poker is one game that you can play while you are doing something else. You could be watching television, you could be at work, or you could even be sitting in the park while you are playing poker.

You do not have to go to the casino offline any longer, online casinos have all the games without the cost of traveling and staying somewhere for the night!

Just as offline casinos give comps or complimentary items to those who play in the casinos, the online casinos also give you free bonuses and additional monies for playing at their casinos. If you are new to a site, look for sign up bonuses you can enjoy!

How to Play Video Poker

If you have never played video poker online before, you are in for a treat. The online program works very fast online, no matter what type of connection you have.

There are poker programs that you can download onto your computer, and there are also programs that you can play online without having to download a program at all. Even if you have a computer without a lot of space left in your memory you can play poker online and have fun!

What is the object of playing video poker?

Video poker is very similar to playing poker with cards in any other place.

What you want to do is get the highest possible hand in the cards that you are dealt. You can discard one time, up to four of your cards one time, and you can get new cards. Some programs will allow you to discard all five cards, but then you are left to the game of chance once again.

The types of hands you want to accomplish to win are:

A royal flush. This starts with the ace, king, queen, jack and a ten all of the same suit.

Another winning hand is the ace, king, queen, jack, and a ten, but of different suits.

You can also have a straight, five cards in a row, of different suits, of any number.

A four of a kind, a three of a kind and a pair also are going to make you a winner.

A full hand is three of a kind and a pair.

When you are playing poker online, you will use a button below each card to hold or discard that card. Each casino online is a little different, but after playing just one game you will easily see how the buttons work with the click of your mouse and what a winning hand can be.

For every video poker game, there should be a listing what the winning hands consist of and how much a winning hand can pay out. While it could be that you are not going to have a winning hand every game, knowing what you can get, and what you should be aiming for to get that winning hand that is going to get you the jackpot.

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